Images / Brand Images na Televisão

This is also why we should stop talking so much about ‘images’. There was never so much talk about the ‘power of the image’ until it ceased having any. The overwhelming majority of ‘images’ which have free reign on television today are less images with any intrinsic force, than images which represent power, and which ‘work’ for power just like ‘brand images’ work for corporations. It is strange that it took us a war to rediscover that the image has also, always, been a lure (Lacan took an interest in animal mimetism, in the eyelet in a peacock’s tail and the grotesque way it ‘eyes’ us). A lure destined to be a decoy, to distract attention and gain time. Advertising, for instance, is less about instilling the reflex to buy, than about demonstrating the power to be able to purchase (at great cost) a space, solely so that nobody else can occupy it.

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